What is destination wedding?

Having a ceremony and celebration of -” tie the knot” away from home in one of the destinations in Turkey, less hassles and stress, with families and friends around you – this is a DESTINATION WEDDING

What is the best time for a wedding in Turkey?

For Istanbul we would recommend all year around, however winter months can be skipped. For Antalya and Bodrum the best months are April, May , September, October or November. Cappadocia is as well will be pleasant all throughout the year accept winter months.

What type of weddings you can plan for us?

Our team had an experience of planning number of wedding in different types: traditional weddings, destination weddings, budget weddings, cultural weddings…… please feel free to ask a quote or suggestions from us.

What are the benefits of having Destination Wedding?

Perfect way to spend time with your family and friends over the weekend or maybe even longer! A destination wedding allows invited guests, some time coming from all over the world, to travel somewhere exotic and fabulous, where they can also enjoy a relaxing vacation pre or post the celebration. Letting honeymoon in the same location of marriage will bring less cost and stress.

How far in advance a destination wedding should be planned?

Most important issue is the number of guests you will be planning to invite. The early you request for the availabilities indicating the above details, the more options and results will be possible to provide you. Generally, 6 to 9 months in advance will work. However some time even in the last minute (3 month prior the actual event) we are able to make search and provide all the necessary offers.

Any special rates can be provided for wedding or related event there?

Each request is treated strictly individually and depended on the dates of travel, number of guests, time of request/booking for the services, so please check with us and we will be definitely updating you with best possible offers at the time.